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Ziggy Zag Scarf, finished

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I realized I never posted a photo of my ziggy zag scarf even though I finished it last spring. I’ve been wearing it a lot this fall, and it’s just the right weight for not-so-cold days. I’d like to make a matching headband with the same yarn, but since it’s a little bit scratchy, I’m not sure if I’d like it.

I posted instructions on the ziggy zag stitch earlier. The scarf is about 55″ long. It curls a lot, but I don’t think blocking it will help because it only has a small amount of wool.

Final thoughts: cool pattern, nice color, but it curls in everywhere but the ends. I’m please because this was my first fancy item, but I’d choose a different yarn and probably do a border along each edge the entire scarf.

Hooray! A loomy ‘zine

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How cool is this? A loom-dedicated online ‘zine called, appropriately enough, The Loom Knitters Circle. Featuring patterns, articles, and a forum, this great site is just what loom knitters have been asking for. Visit it today!

As far as my own projects, I didn’t take any pictures but over the weekend I knitted four little hats for my nieces’ American Girls dolls. I used the blue loom, two strands of Moda Dea yarn, and invented a slightly different pattern each time.

I also finished my ziggy-zag scarf. In the end, I probably used 1.5 skeins of yarn. I’ll post a picture, soon!