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Frogging, weaving style

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So, in a crazy fit of I-really-don't-like-this-at-all-REALLY, I cut off my clasped weft project and tossed it. If it was a knitting project, it would have been frogged, but seeing that it's a weaving project, all caught up in strands, it was tossed.

It wasn't that I didn't want a clasped weft strap, it was more that I didn't like the colors, and the pattern wasn't to my liking. So, "snip." Thankfully, the yarn was very-nearly free, and the warp was extremely short, so there wasn't much waste.

In other news, I'm happily waiting for "The Weaver's Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom," by Jane Patrick. There's an awful lot of excitement about it on Ravelry, and some are saying it will rank alongside Betty Linn Davenport's classic, "Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving." We'll see!

Too wide, clasped weft band

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I started this band a week or so ago, and after realizing it was far too wide for what I had in mind, I took the scissors to it. Yes, I actually cut the warp to make it the right width. Luckily, this is a short warp and it won't be long until it's off the loom. Just another novice trying to learn how to weave… 

All of a sudden, color

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What's come over me? Bright green! Aqua! Tangerine! I'm normally a plain Jane with yarn color, but all of a sudden, I seem to want colorful, bright, cheerful yarn. The mohair may become a scarf–a very shrieking orange one. After reading a number of stories about the danger of using mohair as a warp, especially with a smaller dent heddle, I purchased that Cascade off-white cotton as the warp. The thin cotton crochet thread was a six pack. So far, it's turning into a groovy-looking, clasped-weft strap.


Doni’s Deli bag fabric

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It's been over two months since I warped my Emilia and started weaving the fabric for a bag like the one at Doni’s Deli. Why two months? Well, I made some beginner mistakes, which I don't have to list, but the main one was I chose sock yarn for both the warp and weft. With a 12 dent heddle I probably would have been okay, but I only have a 10 dent heddle, and it took a gazillion rows and hours (at least!) to finish the fabric, which measures 100".

Now for washing, hemming, sewing… Later. For now, I'm content to watch it come off the loom a couple dozen times. (Note, this short video is uploaded to Flickr):


When I neared the end, I ran out of my main sock yarn and also my patience, so I dedicated the final few inches to experimenting with the clasped weft technique. If you're interested, there's a short tutorial available here, and lots of lovely examples posted on blogs.