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Grackle on Duralar

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I think using wax pastels and colored pencil on Duralar is my favorite combination of surface and media.

12”x18”, Neocolor II and colored pencil on Duralar

This Grackle spent some time perusing the edge of this pond searching for muddy bits and pieces, probably for a nest. Each time it moved forward in its search, a frog or other little critter would plop into the water, keeping ahead of him, just in case.


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I haven’t felt much like sketching or painting until the past few days. We discovered a new park, and I snapped a photo of what I think is an American Tree Sparrow. My photo was a little blurry, but I had enough detail to finish this drawing.

This is in colored pencil—Pablo and Derwent drawing—on a background of Neocolor II. I used Pastelmat in a yellow orange color.