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New Sketchbooks, New Pen

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I started a little 3.5”x5” Stillman and Birn Nova with gray-toned paper. It’s perfect for plein air botanical sketches. Art supply-wise, I traveled light for our three-hour hike yesterday, only bringing this sketchbook, a fountain pen, and a white gel pen for these quick studies.

I’ve also started a new, larger Strathmore 500 Mixed Media sketchbook. It has a warm color paper, and it seems to handle all the various mediums I use: ink, washes, graphite, colored pencil, etc.

Jack in the Pulpits, ink and wash
This pheasant was running alongside the road and I snapped several pictures, Inktense pencils
Milkweed, colored pencil
I struggled with this silverpoint sketch. I first primed the page so the metal would “stick.” It looks like a rough draft at this point.
And here’s a fountain pen sketch, a quick test of my new (birthday) pen, a Sailor Realo with a Zoom nib, an amazing pen.

Nineteen and Twenty

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Nearing the end of this Stillman and Birn sketchbook, all done in ink using fountain pens and ink washes. Ink has become my favorite medium, part drawing, part painting, but the ink flow from a fountain pen is its own unique thing.

Every so often, I want to sketch a building, and this was a doozy.
I sketch more birds than anything else, I think.