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Twill Wool Scarf

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Twill Scarf

A few weeks ago, I visited Avalanche Looms and came away with this locally-produced wool. The yellow was dyed with goldenrod, the blue indigo. I discovered an unused hank of red in my stash, too, which was also a local yarn, and so I put them side by side on the table and thought, “Maybe.”

Twill Wool Scarf

For this scarf, I used a 10 dent heddle on my Ashford folding table loom, and I skipped every other slot to make it 5 dpi. Just for fun, I wove a bunch of different twill patterns and some colorful plain weave stripes. I’ll admit, when this was on the loom I wasn’t certain what to think of it, especially because, once again, I forgot that a floating selvedge can be a friend. Off the loom, washed, dried on the radiator, and with the fringes twisted, I suddenly liked it. A lot! It’s my happy January scarf, something that adds a splash of color to the wintry world.

Moral of the story is to weave with wool. It’s always fun. I really like wool. And the local flavor makes it even more delightful.


A Lull

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I took a few weeks off, but now I'm back at it, finishing the scarf. However, I'm still unhappy with the selvedges. So, I think I figured out why… the pattern is still wonky on the right side as it encompasses the center area of the diamond, where the dark ends or the spiral begins, causing the darks to jump out too much. Also, this yarn is too thick to comfortably loop black over white. The entire thing needs more balance. So, instead of a husband scarf, this may end being a bag for a flute. That way, it will be stitched up the sides.

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