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Inktense Crow

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Yes, it’s a still a bird but at least I broke my streak of posting fountain pen sketches. This time around a used a Wikimedia Commons photo and my Inktense pencils and blocks. I’ve used Inktense a lot but almost always as a background with pastels or colored pencil layered over it. I had forgotten how wonderful they are to use from beginning to end. They layer beautifully, create interesting washes, and the white can be as translucent or opaque as needed–a real treat for someone who’s always struggling with saving white paper for highlights.

I love how this crow turned out and wish I would have gone to the trouble to use better paper with this one.

More Birds

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I’m on a kick drawing birds with water soluble ink. Reference photos are usually from Paint My Photo.

Along with my trusty Moonman Mini, I used a refillable brush pen, a Kuretake Sumi. The ink is Herbin Poussiere de Lune, such a pretty plum.

I also drew this Common Grackle, and I took more pictures of the process, albeit in poor lighting. The paper is Canson Multimedia, which isn’t bright white, but it’s not even close to cream, which is how it looks below.

Below I tried a ball point pen. I scribbled too much, but it was a fun, quick experiment.

Water Soluble Ink and a Moonman Mini Fountain Pen

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It’s the kind of fun that makes me stay up too late experimenting and then contemplating more purchases–art supply mania!

I’ve always wanted a fountain pen for my sketch kit, but with so many other distractions–watercolor, colored pencil, pastels, silverpoint, graphite–I didn’t think I had the time or interest (or money) to add in something new. I was wrong, of course. There’s always a few minutes, plenty of curiosity, and a couple dollars when it comes to art supplies. Plus, you can draw/paint such neat things.

I bought the Herbin Poussiere de Lune (moon dust) ink awhile ago, but I hadn’t used it until I cracked and bought the Wancai Moonman Mini fountain pen. The ink is water soluble, and so all it takes is a little water to turn a line drawing into a painting. in this case, the deep reddish purple ink turns into a gorgeous plum when diluted.

The pen itself is very pretty and no bigger than a lipstick when capped. I’m a total novice when it comes to pens, but this suits me perfectly. It’s unique, holds a ton of ink (it’s called an eye dropper fill pen), and it has a crisp way of marking. Perfect!

I’m so taken with this whole pen and ink thing, which I know is pretty much an obsession for a lot of artists, that I purchased a second Moonman, a few more bottles of ink, and a medium nib. You never know when you’ll want a different color, so it’s best to be prepared.