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More Marker Sketches

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This cow was sketched on my favorite paper, Stonehenge.

I love paint and I love pencil. Combine the two, and you probably get a marker, so what’s not to love? I’ve been using my Staedtler watercolor set quite a bit, like on the cow above. And I’ve ventured into the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens. They use India ink, so the end product is permanent, water resistant, and lightfast. Both bird sketches are done with Pitt pens, and all sketches have a wee bit of a white gel pen here and there. Yes, I’m broadening my horizons and can now say it’s okay to use a white pen.

A goose on Stonehenge paper.
Cedar Waxwing on Duralar.

Watercolor Brush Pens

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I used about four or five of my photos to piece together this watercolor. It measures 19”x12”.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ve found a perfect medium, a cross between drawing and painting, the watercolor brush pen. I bought a cheap set and loved using them. I already have a set of Winsor and Newton watercolor markers but it never clicked. I’ll give them another try, but in the meantime, this set of 36 Staetdler markers are not lightfast, but they’re vivid and work well with a waterbrush.


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The models are Arkansas Black apples.

I’m on a gouache kick. I’m waiting for a set of acrylic gouache, and in the meantime, I’m using the Winsor and Newton set I bought a few years ago to remember the qualities of it.

Daffodils from the front yard, maybe covered by snow today.

It’s vibrant but dries matte, reworks easily with a little water, and is opaque so you can paint lights over darks. It’s very similar to casein, but casein dries fairly permanently after a period of time.

Rocks and minerals

There are a lot of similarities with Neocolor II crayons, one of my favorite mediums. I’m looking forward to trying the Liquitex Acrylic Gouache set, however, as it dries permanently.