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Weave-It Scarf


I brought a little Weave-It 4″ loom to work and during my lunch hours, wove up a stack of squares. Then, I spent a few hours stitching them together and crocheting a border. I thought it was cute, but truly didn’t care for it until it had been washed, dried, and steamed with an iron. Then, I suddenly thought, “That’s a scarf!”

So you want some pictures?

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Okay, here are a few pictures of my second super, amazing loom find. As it turns out, I wasn't dreaming–it was all real! Pictured below are the Lily Speed-O-Weave loom, which I'll post about later (it's not very speedy, IMO). Also there are my two "new" Weave-Its: a 4" and a 2". My favorite loom is there, the 5" Weave-It Rug Loom, which I'll also post about later (and you can meet Pillow Man). Finally, there were two small metal flower looms stuck in the rug loom box, and although it appears they can connect somehow, I can't quite figure them out, so if you have thoughts, please send them my way.

Missing from the photos is the second Crazy Daisy Winder, which went onto a good home with a young, crafting niece.

Another Super Amazing Loom Find?

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Can it be true? Did I really walk into a local antique store last week and less than 20 minutes later, leave with all these looms??? Most in the original boxes with the original instructions and needles and everything? Did it really happen?

  • 5" Weave-It Rug Loom
  • 4" Weave-it Loom
  • 2" Weave-it Loom
  • Lily Speed-O-Weave Loom

And then did I really wander into a second antique store and leave with a Crazy Daisy Winder?

And did I really spend just under $20 for the entire find? Really? Me?!

Or, did I dream it all?

Stay tuned to find out!

Weave-it Squares

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I bought this hand-dyed wool blend this weekend, and at first I wasn't certain I was wise to spend that $25. (Yes, $25!). The colors, although lovely, seemed to cry out "baby blanket." However, now that I see it on the Weave-it, I sorta like it. It could even turn it into something other than a baby blanket, especially since I don't know anyone with a baby, and I don't have a long enough attention span to make a blanket. The nice thing about Weave-it squares is that you can keep on weaving them and then decide what you're going to make after you have a nice pile.

These are my first two squares made with my pre-patented Weave-it with the goofy numbering. After I read Jana's instructions, I was able to correctly wind the yarn and weave the 4th row. Thanks, Jana!