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Great Blue Heron Crewel Embroidery


I started my own crewel embroidery based on a photo I took a few weeks ago. This is slow going. I started this a few weeks ago and only have one corner filled in.

My goals are to use my own design and to stitch with identifiable stitches as much as possible. So far, I’ve used laid work for backgrounds, Cretan for leaves, buttonhole, satin, and long and short stitches for the bird, and split and stem stitches for outlines, branches, and details.

I’m using Appletons crewel wool and a variety of wools from an older kit. The fabric is linen. I chose to make this 9”x12”, and now I’m wondering what I was thinking. I guess I’m practicing the art of patience along with the art of embroidery.

Finished: Erica Wilson Crewel Embroidery

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I did it! I finished this project, a 1973 crewel embroidery kit designed by Erica Wilson. And it wasn’t just a kit, it was a pillow kit. And I made a pillow!

It took many, many hours. I learned a lot about embroidery, and I remembered how much I love working with wool. And I figured how how to sew, kind of.

So the question now is will I be able to use this kind of groovy, vintagey, textured pillow? Yes, I love that 1970’s style. But I don’t imagine it will be at all a nap-able pillow. All those French knots and bullion stitches made out of scratchy wool would leave an interesting imprint on the side of your face.

Erica Wilson Embroidery III

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It’s a rumpled mess. Can I turn it into a pillow?

I’ve nearly finished my vintage, 1973 Erica Wilson embroidery kit. It’s an amazing display of rusty- and mustard-colored wools in a wide range of stitches from French knots to satin stitch to the ever-so-cute bullion stitch, a great stand-in for wheat kernels.

I’ve only stitched a few small projects in the past, so I’m nearly starting from scratch with embroidery but I’m very taken with crewel embroidery. Perhaps I kept the tension too high on this as it’s full of hills and valleys once off the frame. But maybe it’ll smooth out after being blocked.

I loved working on the flowers.

Of course, I can’t be content with one little kit, so I gave myself a birthday present, a variety of Appleton crewel wool, some linen fabric, and a little package of needles. Aren’t the colors lovely?

I purchased all these lovely supplies from Kristin Nicholas, and I must say that everything was packed so nicely. I’m already sketching some ideas for my first design.