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Glimakra Freja Tapestry Loom


Did another loom join my ever-growing loom family? Well, yes.

Blocky Tapestry

The Glimakra Freja is a tapestry frame loom, best used while being held or propped on a table. I first ordered the larger size that has an 18″ weaving width, but it’s just big enough that I found I wanted a smaller loom. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I sent it back. And they turned around and sent me this one, the Freja with a 12″ weaving width.

Blocky Tapestry

Because I’m a tapestry novice and this is the only tapestry loom I own, I can’t say whether or not this would be a good choice for someone else. I can tell you that I like it. I find it to be a nice size to hold onto and weave with while sitting on the couch. I’ve also propped it on the table, and that works fine, too. (It’s probably better on my back that way.) The hooks that run on the top and bottom edges are spaced at approximately 7 per inch. This means if you warp every peg, you have a 13-14 epi sett. Every other peg is about 6-7 epi. I’m assuming this is probably a metric-sized loom, and so the spacing makes more sense when measuring with centimeters rather than inches, but it all ends up the same in the end.

There’s a tensioning bar on the top, which keeps your warp nice and tight. One feature this little loom has that’s saved me some cursing is a fitted piece of wood that covers the bottom pegs. No yarn snagging. How nice!

With this size of a loom, I’ve been using a heddle bar to keep one shed open but skipping using string heddles. I did successfully add string heddles, but I found them difficult to maneuver. If I figure out a better method to get the second shed, I’ll post about it on another day. I’ve been using a needle to weave. Along with the loom, I bought a spool of cotton seine twine to use as a warp. I think I prefer wool, but I need to spend more time weaving to figure that out.

Blocky Tapestry

I‘ve been enjoying using embroidery floss, doubled, and some startlingly bright colors. I wanted to weave something wintery, but I couldn’t quite do it. It’s March, it’s cold, it’s snowing. I know, I know! I don’t really need to weave it, too. Colorful blocks. That’s the way to go.