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Band Weaving

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A great project for summer is inkle or band weaving using cotton. Here, I made a belt and a band for my new Tilley TH9. I used my inkle loom for the belt, but I prefer using a rigid heddle when doing pickup to be able to better see which strands to pick or drop. For a frame I used a Spears #4 loom and a little heddle I’ve had for years. Worked like a charm. 


Tablet Weaving

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First Tablet Woven Band

Another new adventure… tablet (or card) weaving. It’s simple and complex at the same time. Simple because the “ingredients” are basic: cards, yarn, a shuttle, and off you go! Complex because the designs are truly astounding. This method of weaving also made me stop and think, because it involves a “twist” in the motion of using the cards, and that combines individual threads to create color changes and a nubby texture. It’s really a wonderful craft.

My first sample was done on an inkle loom with two colors. That method of threading and warping is very easy compared to most introductory tutorials where you cut individual threads for every card. However, once you get into a variety of colors, you may need to understand the second method.

This pattern was more complicated than my first sample. I found it here. It turned out, so I’m pleased.