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I must be on my annual warm weather hiatus. After the Christmas knitting rush, and the January/February explosion of playing with new fiber arts gifts, I often take a long break from crafting–but my eyes are always peering into thrift stores and studying piles of junky shelves for the treasures that wait for me, whether I’m actually crafting or not. Take this Studio Twelve Flower Loom, for example. I wasn’t expecting to find anything in that Goodwill store, but when my eyes rested on this $1.00 loom, unopened, I had to leave the store with it. And because I wasn’t at home, I had to stop in a yarn store to buy these two skeins of Frog Tree, right? It would have been a shame if I didn’t try the loom the same day I found it.


It made a very nice flower. And I like having the two sizes of pegs on the same round loom, one for the outside petals and one for the inside. Very clever, and I don’t have anything like it.
And just because I’m not feeling very crafty lately, I am feeling very garden-y, and I’ve planted spring crops outside, started all my summer crops inside, and a few weeks ago, maintained my much neglected terrarium. So, that’s something!
And my birthday is coming up and someone in my household mentioned something about a loom… but that’s for a future posting.


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