Long Time No Knit


Can it really be that my last post was from March? Nope, I didn’t drop off the face of the earth, nor did I decide to stop knitting–I moved! In mid-March, B and I received notice that our rental was being sold, so we needed to vacate. The past two months have been at times frustrating, exhausting, overwhelming, expensive, and life changing. Did I mention they’ve also been wonderful? Because…

…we’re in our very own house! Yes, we bought a house and moved at the beginning of the month, and that’s why I haven’t been knitting. In fact, if anyone had suggested I knit something during early spring, I would have probably burst into tears, that’s how hard things were. But now…

…we’re in our very own house!

Oh, I mentioned that already, did I? My knitting is still safely packed away in a rather large box (I fit it into one!) in the garage, just waiting for a place to call home. I’ve scouted out a potential location to set up my very own knitting corner in our house, but I’m waiting for a good chair/sofa, yet unpurchased. I also have a great spot in a closet for all my stash and doo-dads that need storing.

But in the meantime, I need to finish unpacking, paint a room, plant a garden, continue to work, buy a chair/sofa, and sometimes even sleep.

I haven’t yet taken a picture of a great antique store find–it’s a wooden sewing stand with a handle on top. It’s really cool and will hold my WIPs. I also know after I get going again, I’d like to consider a few projects for the summer: one of these goofy looking fly masks, good for riding my horse during pesky fly season; there’s a super cool messenger bag made out of twine/string I spotted while browsing knitting books at Barnes & Noble, it’s in Erika Knight’s Classic Knits: 15 Timeless Designs to Knit and Keep Forever; and I’m also interested in socks–whether I need to purchase a loom or needles (yikes! I said needles! didn’t mean it, really!), I’m not 100% certain yet.

Someday soon I know I’ll be knitting again. Wish me luck with unpacking and finding that perfect knitting nook!

Hooray! A loomy ‘zine

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How cool is this? A loom-dedicated online ‘zine called, appropriately enough, The Loom Knitters Circle. Featuring patterns, articles, and a forum, this great site is just what loom knitters have been asking for. Visit it today!

As far as my own projects, I didn’t take any pictures but over the weekend I knitted four little hats for my nieces’ American Girls dolls. I used the blue loom, two strands of Moda Dea yarn, and invented a slightly different pattern each time.

I also finished my ziggy-zag scarf. In the end, I probably used 1.5 skeins of yarn. I’ll post a picture, soon!

Antique store find: Handee Revolving Wool Winder

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Now here’s a little item I’m sure will be “handee” someday–a wool winder. It was just $5.50 at a local antique store. I had just admired three or four wooden ones, all very pretty but expensive, rickety, and too big, when I spied this one still in its vintage box. All the pieces are there (it’s metal) and it looks like something I’ll actually be able to use. Plus, the gal on the box is super retro cool, don’t you think?

Here’s what the box says:

Handee Revolving Wool Winder: “From Hank to Ball – In No Time At All”

“The Handee All-Metal Revolving Wool Winder makes it so easy and convenient to wind yarn yourself at any time. Instantly adjustable to take any size hank and any type wool. Rubber cusioned clamp can be fastened to chair or table instantly and does not mar surface.”

A week or so ago, I had read a tutorial on how to wind yarn using a swift and an electric hand mixer. No, I’m not kidding. Visit Fig and Plum’s blog to learn something new.

I have the swift, I have a mixer. Now, all I need is some yarn!

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Big Bubba comes to visit

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So, what brought yarn kitty and yarn dog out of the house on a winter day? In the past week we’ve had 30″ of snow, and yet there they were, both staring at something.

Could it be? Could it really be that they spotted Big Bubba, the harbinger of spring?

The kitty peered cautiously through an icicle. The dog bounded, but Bubba was too fast and got away! And least I think he got away.

Okay, enough silliness! What I really wanted to say is knitting bunnies is a good way to trigger spring. Even with all the snow, the sun is shining and the ice is melting the day after a winter storm. So, never again doubt the power of a pink, knitted bunny named Bubba.

I made this bunny using the same pattern as before, only this time I made him much bigger. I cast on 24 stitches on the blue loom and knit back and forth to create an 8.5″ square flat panel. I used the flat stitch and two strands of yarn–one Bernat Softee and one Moda Dea Dream. Because this bunny is so much larger than the other two, I had to guess how much bigger to make his ears. I cast on pegs 1-6 and purled the two middle pegs. I added two additional rows, and that’s all it took to make the ears. I did sew them on backwards so they had a floppier look.
Bubba is a little bit big, and although he’s cute, he’s no where near as cuddly as the little bunnies. Plus, his back legs look a little distorted.

But if Bubba can bring about spring, who can complain?

And what does yarn dog think about it all? Can she complain? “Nope,” she told me. “Bubba was delicious!”

(Just kidding.)