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Knotted Pile Weaving


Knotted Pile Weaving

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been learning how to weave knotted pile, which is a series of knots “tacked” down with a foundation weft. I started with a simple square/rectangle/line design. This was also an attempt to use split-complementary colors. I don’t think I would have chosen mustard yellow, rusty orange, and indigo blue otherwise, but they kind of work together. Here’s a little animation. The picture above shows how it looks after I trimmed it to about 1/2″.


An internet search for similar projects will most likely bring up Sara Lamb’s lovely book, Woven Treasures, which is where I learned how to do this style of weaving. You may also enjoy reading about the shaggier version, rya (or in Finnish ryijy) or flossa, which hails from Scandinavia and has an interesting history that begins as a warm covering for fishermen and progresses into colorful wall hangings and rugs. You can even weave rya rugs off loom, as shown in this video:

Complementary Tapestry, Nearly Sailing

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The cheerful sailboat is starting to come to life. If you think it looks kind of angular, you’d be right. At some point, I’ll post about the design, but because I’m usually willing and able to tear out and do over, design is an ongoing thing for me.

All the different sails. I knew it would look downright odd, but it was actually kind of fun to try out different colors and designs:

Decisions, decisions

I need to do some work on the right side of the right sail. There’s also that odd blue wedge between the two sails that needs to be toned down or taken out completely:

Complementary Color Tapestry

Complementary Color Tapestry (WAL)

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The second challenge in the Tapestry Ravelry WAL is a complementary color tapestry. I know nearly nothing about color, and so it’s been very educational. Of course, I didn’t pick subtle, soothing color combinations… just the eye-sizzling ones! That blue water is very loud.

I’m using my C. Cactus Flower Mini… upside down. Oops! It was a mistake, but I don’t think there’s any real difference with the weaving. Ergonomically, it’s easier to weave with the bottom bar on your lap. I’m using a tatting shuttle here and there, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It catches on the warp threads. The tapestry will end up being about 7.5″ x 11″.

Complementary Color Tapestry

More water. I’m totally experimenting with this, using a dark blue cotton embroidery thread and a lighter blue. The complementary color to blue directly across the color wheel is orange. Get ready for an orange boat!

Complementary Color Tapestry

The boat started out a little shaky. I had framed it on either side with too much muddy-looking water, and I didn’t care for the angle of the boat. This design is very geometric, and so I unwove the top section and started over. The “old” one is on the left, and the “new” one is on the right.

Are your eyes bugging out yet? Sorry about that.

Before and After

To be continued!