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The long, long warp




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Have you ever seen the 1953 movie, "The Long, Long Trailer" starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz? You haven't? Well, why not? It's a charming story about a newlywed couple driving their way across America towing, you guessed it, a long, long trailer. The anxiety it causes smacks of real life, somehow, and even with the stereotypical roles, I find the movie funny, sweet, and worthy of re-watching.

So, why am I recommending a movie instead of writing about weaving? Because, part of "The Long, Long Trailer" revolves around the problems dealing with a very long and complicated trailer… and somehow I've created a very long and complicated warp. It's bothering me. I mean, it's like nine feet long! And this is on a backstrap loom!

I don't know what got into me. I have this old acrylic Red Heart that I've used for a few small projects, but I'm starting to think it's cursed. Everything I try to make out of it fails, so I can't explain why I kept on warping my 10" Beka 8 dent rigid heddle with this long, long acrylic warp. I just kept on warping! And I didn't even have a project in mind. I just wanted to weave.

So, now I'm stuck. I have a few feet finished with multiple color changes and some really lovely, bumpy edges (yes, that's sarcasm), but due to my newness with weaving and using a rigid heddle, I've found it easier to roll up the entire thing and leave it where it all started, firmly attached to the radiator. Once I unroll it again and start weaving, well, it'll turn into the movie for me… "Always think of the trailer as a train behind you… Forty feet of train!"

Okay, so maybe you need to watch the movie to understand what I've gotten myself into. And if you do watch the movie, think of me during the scene where they slowly and painfully drive their way up a twisting and turning mountain road. We'll see if I make it down the other side in one piece.