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Even More Grackles

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9”x12” on Duralar

I’ve lost track of the number of grackles I’ve drawn recently. Six, maybe seven. I don’t think I’ve posted them all. I’m drawn to that iridescence, the yellow eye, and the way they move with such confidence.

9”x9” on mineral paper

I finally decided to buy the set of 40 Neocolor I (non-water soluble) wax pastels. I had a set of ten, and I knew I wanted more. I think I talked myself out of it a year ago, but now I know how I like to use them, so I talked myself back into getting them. I use them in layers along with the water soluble Neocolor II set. I first do a rough sketch, put in a Neo II background of chroma colors, use a water brush, then do a more deliberate drawing with the Neo I set. I then do another layer of Neo II to soften and darken. A final layer of the I pastels and it’s pretty much done. What the I doesn’t do, the II will do and vice versa. They’re obviously a perfect duo, same colors, same color names, and same lovely vivid effect.

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