18″ Bluster Bay Slim Rag Shuttle


I think I just found my new favorite shuttle for weaving on a rigid heddle loom. Stick shuttles can hook on warp threads, and from what I’ve heard, boat shuttles can fall between warp threads.

So far, I love using my new shuttles on the Glimakra Emilia. The slim design fits nicely in the shed, and I can pack more weft on than I imagined. In fact, I had the same amount as the stick shuttle I’d been using.

These little discoveries really make my day. I’m so happy I bought two!


2 Replies to “18″ Bluster Bay Slim Rag Shuttle”

  1. Oh I love how these look! I’ll definitely purchase a few. This coming Wednesday, I’ll receive my 32″ Kromsksi Harp rigid heddle loom. It’ll be my first time making cloth with a loom. 🙂

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