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18″ Bluster Bay Slim Rag Shuttle


I think I just found my new favorite shuttle for weaving on a rigid heddle loom. Stick shuttles can hook on warp threads, and from what I’ve heard, boat shuttles can fall between warp threads.

So far, I love using my new shuttles on the Glimakra Emilia. The slim design fits nicely in the shed, and I can pack more weft on than I imagined. In fact, I had the same amount as the stick shuttle I’d been using.

These little discoveries really make my day. I’m so happy I bought two!


Christmas + three year blogiversary




Happy blogiversary to me! It's been three years since I first looped yarn around a knitting loom peg and discovered I liked it and wanted to blog about it. There have been lulls in knitting, and I've ventured into other fiber arts, but I still like my little blog and will continue to write about my successes and failures.

Speaking of other fiber arts, I received part of my Christmas present yesterday, all items chosen for backstrap-looming fun and ordered from The Woolery just a few days ago:

~ 8 dent Beka 10" rigid heddle

~ 10 dent Beka 10" rigid heddle

~ Three shuttles: a Kromski (also acts as a beater with its sloped edges), a Beka, and a Beka belt shuttle (with a beater on one edge)

I did make my own rigid heddle out of popsicle sticks (the bottom photo), but after a bit of experimenting, I realize it's meant for weft-faced projects with strong warping thread, like jute. The rough edges will fray any other type of warp. I was using alpaca here and it didn't do very well. My finer Beka heddles can be used for balanced weaving–hopefully! I'm very excited about the shuttles, too, since I've been using a piece of cardboard with my projects so far.

Please note that in the post below, I added Laverne Waddington's new blog on backstrap weaving. Hooray!