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There are numerous crafting blogs I visit regularly. Here are a few of them:



Kreativ Blogger

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Thank you, Brenda of Loom Lore! Brenda, an creative expert in all-things looming (just check out these loomy-licious cupcakes!), nominated me for this award, which I've seen being passed around the looming and knitting blogs. I've visited Brenda's blog numerous times, and she's always willing to answer questions. Plus, she offers a ton of innovative patterns. So, thanks again, Brenda.

As I understand it, the rule to this crazy Kreativ Blogger Award is that I have to "nominate" seven blogs I really enjoy, even non-crafty ones. Some of these are very popular blogs, but if you haven't visited them, please do. Here are a few of my favorite, never-miss bloggers:

  • Crazy Aunt Purl: Laurie is super funny and yes, she knits. Plus, she has a bunch of cats.
  • Chickens in the Road: Author Suzanne McMinn posts about life on her rural West Virigina farm. She loves to write about her chickens.
  • Chez Larsson: I like this daily glimpse into Benita Larsson's cool Swedish home; she cleans, organizes, and crafts like a Swedish Martha Stewart!
  • Polka Dot Cottage: Lisa Clarke's neat ideas with looming, and she does a wealth of other crafts–check out the polymer clay jewelry and buttons.
  • Avalanche Looms: Susan Johnson's lovely weaving.
  • Dangling Threads: Cady May's blog–she spins, she knits!
  • Knitting-and.com: Sarah Bradberry's loaded site. I found this during my frenzied search for anything flower-loom related–and she has the best site out there for those little looms.


Links, Blogs, and Groups

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I've been making a list of the online sites I visit. If you have a set of KKs, you've probably been to the Provo site to see the instructions and patterns, but have you visited one of these? I'll add to this list from time to time, and I plan on posting a list of sites with free patterns someday soon:

 Very Helpful Yahoo Groups

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