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Vintage Sewing Ottoman

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Vintage Masland Duran Sewing Ottoman

This cool (Maslund Duran?) vinyl sewing storage ottoman had my name on it, so I plunked down $15 at the flea market and brought it home. It’s like new, and I can store stuff inside. I swapped out my wooden chair that was too big for this space, and I’m now using this as a chair. It fits underneath the Glimakra Emilia rigid heddle loom when not needed. Perfect. 

Vintage Masland Duran Sewing Ottoman

An Antique Sewing Cabinet

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My husband spotted this treasure last spring at an antique store, and when he asked if it was something I would use, I grabbed it. I think it was $20.00. I can fit the large yellow loom inside along with yarn for my current projects. It has a wooden tray that’s perfect for my knitting doo-dads. It also has a shelf on the bottom where I set my folder of patterns.

I like this because it makes my knitting mobile. I can bring it from room to room easily and I’m not carrying around a lot of plastic bags and extras that I’m not using. I stash everything else in my closet.

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