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Linen, Embroidery Stand, and Birds

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I’ve discovered that stitching with a stand is a very nice thing.

Here’s my K’s Creation embroidery stand. I added the clip-on light. My back and eyes thank me every day.

I’ve discovered stitching with linen thread gets my creativity going.

Linen has its own thing going, creating sharp shadows and glowing highlights with no help from me.

And I’ve discovered that embroidery may be the most forgiving art.

I didn’t care for how this was going, far too overworked. So, out comes the seam ripper, and I’m ready to start over. It’s better than an eraser.

Great Blue Heron Crewel Embroidery


I started my own crewel embroidery based on a photo I took a few weeks ago. This is slow going. I started this a few weeks ago and only have one corner filled in.

My goals are to use my own design and to stitch with identifiable stitches as much as possible. So far, I’ve used laid work for backgrounds, Cretan for leaves, buttonhole, satin, and long and short stitches for the bird, and split and stem stitches for outlines, branches, and details.

I’m using Appletons crewel wool and a variety of wools from an older kit. The fabric is linen. I chose to make this 9”x12”, and now I’m wondering what I was thinking. I guess I’m practicing the art of patience along with the art of embroidery.