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Linen, Embroidery Stand, and Birds

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I’ve discovered that stitching with a stand is a very nice thing.

Here’s my K’s Creation embroidery stand. I added the clip-on light. My back and eyes thank me every day.

I’ve discovered stitching with linen thread gets my creativity going.

Linen has its own thing going, creating sharp shadows and glowing highlights with no help from me.

And I’ve discovered that embroidery may be the most forgiving art.

I didn’t care for how this was going, far too overworked. So, out comes the seam ripper, and I’m ready to start over. It’s better than an eraser.

New Stuff! Emilia Stand, Inkle Loom, etc.

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Merry Christmas to me, about six weeks early.

What's new? A Glimakra Emilia stand! It was delivered this morning, along with a second 10 dent heddle and a second heddle kit. I was able to swap out the big desk in my work area, and I replaced it with this half-size desk we happened to have sitting around. The new stuff in my room actually inspired me to tidy up–although I have some clutter in a few of those cubes–but now my yarn is all in its proper place in the organizer I bought this summer. Extra heddles are corraled by a cool sunflower napkin holder. Also on the top of the organizer is a neat Norwegian band loom, or grindvev, I picked up at a local thrift store. It's quite a treasure that I'll blog about another day.

My mini inkle loom was made by Mac's Traditional Shop. It's just 16" long, and it can make about a 40" to 50" band. Isn't it cute? I have yet to finish my first sample. I made some beginner mistakes warping, and after struggling for about half an hour, it occurred to me that I didn't know how to use an inkle loom! And so I went to Youtube and watched a few videos, and then returned to the loom with a new perspective.

The top of my organizer also holds my sewing kit and a wooden bird, carved for me by my husband 20 years ago this coming Christmas. It's one of my priceless treasures.